Dear Enquirer

This letter gives you some information about myself, my work, and about the conditions under which I see clients. I hope you will find it useful and that it might help you in formulating any questions you may wish to ask me.

I have trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist with GTS in Scotland and I have also studied for two years at the Scottish Institute of Human Relations, which is the centre for the study of psychoanalysis and psychodynamics in Scotland. My mode of working with people is Integrative, that is, I use everything in my trainings, reading and own experiences as a client to respond to my clients' needs and help them find creative solutions. I have worked with Jungian, Gestalt and Transpersonal therapists. I have completed further trainings with other Integrative practitioners including a course at Mentanoia in London, courses on bodywork and on couple counselling.

I am a freelance practitioner and work as a therapist, supervisor and trainer with individuals and organisations in all three roles. I am myself supervised regularly and am a member of BACP and COSCA. All members of these organisations agree to abide by a code of ethics and there are procedures to deal with complaints. I am an active member of COSCA and have served in various capacities on their Board and committees. The telephone number of COSCA is 01786 475140.

For working with individuals (I also work with couples), I usually offer three initial sessions to explore the possibility of working together at the end of which we assess where to go next. Each session lasts 60 minutes and I would normally meet with you weekly. The meetings start promptly and finish at specified times. Missed sessions that are not cancelled with three days notice have to be paid for in full. Acute illness is of course an exception.

The work we do together is confidential. A basic tenet of my work is that I offer you a private, secure space where you can explore with someone who is both an empathetic listener and skilled supporter any subject, thoughts or experiences and discuss things fully in a way that may not be possible anywhere else. The purpose of this is to discover more about yourself and gain a better command of your ability to live well for the benefit of yourself and of others.

It is open to either of us to bring the work to a close at any time. This is best done over a period of a few sessions, depending on how long we have been working together.

I have at least three holiday periods during the year at Christmas, Easter and a longer break in the summer.

If you are reading this without having spoken to me in person or on the telephone, I do encourage you to ring me and make a first contact to explore the possibility of working together.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Benedikte Uttenthal


20 years experience working with:

• Abuse
• Anxiety
• Bereavement
• Cultural Differences
• Depression
• Employment difficulties
• Family Problems
• Generational Influences
• Health related problems
• Identity problems
• Immigration
• Lack of Creativity
• Loss
• Relationships
• Separation
• Sexual problems
• Being Stuck or Blocked

If you need help with any of these issues, please read the letter below to new clients, then
contact me on 01786 832768.